How to reply to historical messages in Hibot

This feature allows you to reply to historical messages in Hibot.  For example, if your conversation has ended and is part of a historical conversation, with Hibot you can reply again. With this feature you can reply again to a closed conversation without losing the idea that you were discussing with your customer. Here we teach you how to reply to historical messages in Hibot.

Step by Step on How to Reply to Historical Messages in Hibot:

First, remember that, in order to learn how to reply to historical messages in Hibot, you must have an administrator license in the platform.

Note: Remember that the historical messages are the ones that are not part of our current conversation. This means that they are messages that are part of closed conversations. These messages are cataloged as historical, once the conversation has been closed and typified.

Log in to Hibot with your user name and password

  1. On the left side of the screen you will see the control panel with several icons. Click on the message icon “Inbox”. You will be able to see all your conversations.
  2. Enter a conversation and search for a historical message that you wish to reply by scrolling to get to the old messages.
  3. On the upper right side of the historical message, you will find a small arrow icon. If you click on it, the menu will open, click on “reply”.
  4. You can reply to the message with some text, an image, a video or an attachment.
  5. Last, click on the send button and you will have replied to a historical message.

For more information visit our Help Center.

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