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Now Hibot Moves With You

At Hibot we live a process of continuous evolution. This is why we developed our Mobile App so your customer service agents have the possibility to move around the world without leaving customers unattend. 

Empower your team and meet big goals and objectives!

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Your team will have the ability to mobilize anywhere without leaving customers unattended

Now your team can operate from anywhere and attend WhatsApp conversations, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Comments from a mobile phone.

Do not lose the control of your business, even tho your team is moving around

All conversations are managed from our App, they remain stored and centralized for their view in the reports module.

From the dashboard available in the web version, you can see in real time the conversations your agents are having with customers from the mobile App and web platforms. 

Qué dicen de nosotros

Más de 700 empresas en más de 22 países ya generan resultados exitosos con HiBot, por eso soportamos más de 4 millones de conversaciones al mes

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