Multichannel chat software

Chat for sales

Increase conversions and boost WhatsApp sales by having real-time conversations with your customers and leads through Hibot, the best chat for sales.

Measure Conversions

Measure how many of the conversations turn into sales from the clients you talk to through WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Mercado Libre and more.

Mide conversiones

Mide cuántas conversaciones de las que sostienes por WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger o Instagram con tus clientes se convierten en ventas.


With our sales chat you can create personalized customer service campaigns with your own objectives. This will allow you to improve communication with users and streamline the purchasing process.


Nuestro sistema de balanceo de leads te permite que cada uno de los integrantes de tu equipo de ventas atiendan la misma cantidad de conversaciones.


Our lead balancing system allows each of the members of your sales team to attend the same number of conversations.

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