Multichannel chat software

Boost your business by offering quick solutions via WhatsApp .

Optimize your communication, manage your data and have your own platform to improve the interaction of your customers through human agents and Chatbots.

With Hibot you will have:

One line, many agents

Have a WhatsApp line and the number of people you need connected simultaneously managing your users’ conversations.

Process automation

Automate repetitive processes with our chatbots tailored to the needs of your business.

Improved customer service

Measure the quality of care that agents offer to your clients through satisfaction surveys.

Real time monitoring

Track all conversations in real time on our dashboard.

Process audit

With the audit module they obtain data that makes it easier to know if you are meeting the objectives set with your sales and support team, among others.

Balancing conversations

Thanks to the conversation balancing system, Hibot identifies the agent with available and suitable capacity to attend to your client’s query.

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Frequent questions

Can I access a demo of Hibot?

Yes, to access a demo of our platform, contact one of our advisers by WhatsApp at +57 315 ​​432 1004 or via email

If I hire Hibot services, can I unsubscribe them whenever I want?

Yes, our plans do not have permanence clauses and you can unsubscribe from the service whenever you want.

How can I pay my bills?

You can pay your bills through , or if you reside in Colombia through a deposit in our BBVA bank account.

Are Hibot services exempt from VAT?

Yes, HiBot services are exempt from VAT.

When to use Hibot?

Hibot is the ideal platform to use when you have many lines of WhatsApp and all collapsed because you can not have more than one person answering. Also, when you want to centralize the attention channels of your company to give better management and organization to communication.

How many agents can I have at Hibot?

You can have as many agents as you want, simultaneously attending the conversations of the channels you have integrated.

Can I send mass messages?

Our platform is not designed to send mass messages.

Does Hibot have a mobile app?

Currently we do not have a mobile application. Our team is working on the development of this.

Does Hibot have bots?

We build bots according to the needs presented by the business models of each client.
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