We evolve! Here everything new on our platform

Novedades en Hibot

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We are happy to tell you that we will have new releases in Hibot along with our 2021 evolution. This is why we want to tell you what’s new and why it is useful for your business.

We’ve evolved! Here is all you need to know about the new features of our platform.

  1. Reminders
  2. Mercado Libre as a new channel
  3. Create your own chatbots


A new option to keep track of your tasks and compromises so nothing escapes you.

The reminders module not only gives you the chance to set reminders for your conversations, but it allows you to easily resume conversation. With this feature, the communication with your customers will be a simpler and dynamic process.

New integrated channel: Mercado Libre

It is now available in Hibot the new Mecado Libre channel. You can ask your designated advisor the integration to your account. 

Mercado Libre is a platform for E-Commerce that has approximately 74 million active users and is present in most of Latin America. This integration will allow you to have conversations with the customers that write you through this platform from Hibot. You can always have all your customer service channels and social media unified with Hibot in a single inbox.

Create your own chatbots

Improve the customer service and agents experience  by designing your own chatbots from an easy to use, intuitive and nice interface.

Don’t lose any opportunities by leaving unattended conversations:

  • Chatbots work 24/7. Your customers don’t want time limits.
  • They allow you to have a more quick attention. Your customers demand immediate answers.
  • Bots do repetitive work such as gathering contact information, order taking, frequent questions, appointment scheduling  and more. With this, you improve your team’s work.
  • We design your chatbot and integrate it with your business. We are with you on the design experience.

If you don’t have time, don’t know how to design your bot or have complex necessities, we can help you.

We design your chatbot and integrate it with your business. We are with you on the design experience.

Some cases and applicabilities: Chatbot for cab service request, for contests, questions and answers, appointment scheduling, surveys, order taking and their status, ticket generation service, customer service and more. 

Welcome to the New Hibot Era

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