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Increase your chances to sell more and provide the best support

Connect your agents with a single customer service line. Integrate WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, Mercado Libre and chat web, Apple Business Chat in one platform and automate with bots.

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We are committed to the success of your business

Join the 700 Business that use HiBot

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All in ones.
All your agents in one single customer service line

Connect all your advisers to one single customer service WhatsApp line

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mejor plataforma multiagente

Talk to your customers from their favorite channels

Centralize all chats from your social media and customer service channels
in one tool

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Chatbots to suit your needs

Don't miss a single conversation by automating with bots. Improve the customer service experience of your clients and
agents by designing your own bots from an easy to use, intuitive and pleasant interface.

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We offer a complete solution

There are no limits. We move with you.
Assist your customers from anywhere in the world

Manage all your clients' conversations from one single cell phone with our App

Download the mobile application, it has no additional costs. If you have a Hibot license, you can use the App anytime, anywhere. This way you will always have the management of your clients under control. It is available in the Apple Store and Play Store.

What companies say about us

Plans and pricing

Prices for those who want to improve management and communication with their customers

Plan Pyme

USD $60 /mes

  • Incluye 2 agentes y 1 canal
  • 6 conversaciones simultaneas
  • Histórico de conversaciones 30 días
  • Soporte 3 a.m a 12 a.m / COT

Agentes adicionales
30 usd agente/mes

Canales adicionales
20 usd canal/mes

Plan Premium

USD $90 agente/mes

  • Incluye 1 usuario (Agente/administrador)
  • Incluye 5 Canales
  • Conversaciones simultaneas ilimitadas
  • Histórico de conversaciones 6 meses
  • Soporte 3 a.m a 12 a.m / COT

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