Beta Version of Hibot´s Chatbot Module

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One of every three clients send messages at night

We´ve launched our beta version of the new Hibot´s Chatbot Module. Improve your agents and your customer service experience as you design your own bots in an easy to use, intuitive and nice interface. 

If you are a Hibot customer, I invite you to use our new beta version (experimental) module free of charge for 30 days.

Create Chatbots in less than 10 minutes!

Ask for access:

Examples of what you can do with the current version of this module:

  1. Send automatic messages
  2. Options menu in your conversations
  3. Get the contact information of the customers you talk to
  4. Transfer conversations to different service agents

And much more. You can find more information here:

Don’t lose opportunities by leaving conversations unattend:

  • Chatbots work 24/7. Your customers don’t want time limits
  • They allow you to give a more quick and timely service. Your clients demand immediate attention.
  • Bots do repetitive work such as capturing contact information, order processing, frequent questions, book appointments and more. With this, you speed up your team’s work

With Hibot you can create new customer service experiences in your digital channels. Evolve and grow!

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